Terms & Conditions

Lundberg Periwinkle, 2022

Application: Our Kitten Application is not a contract, but simply a request to be added to our wait list.  We do not require or accept wait-list deposits. Kittens are offered to families based on the order of applications received. Please do not ask to skip the line.

After reviewing your application, we may call to discuss high-risk allergies. If horse or rabbit allergies are present, please read our discussion on Secondary Allergies.  We send fur samples where allergies are complex. Individuals with severe or complex allergies must be present to pick up their kitten at the cattery.

When kittens are available, we email families with reservations.  We require a reply to all email regarding kitten availability.  We allow two “skips” for color, gender, or other preferences. After that time, we drop applications to the bottom of our list. To avoid missing cattery correspondence, “Whitelist” our email address. 

Shipping:  We are located near Salem Oregon, and prefer that kittens are picked up at the cattery. We are willing to ship using direct flights on Alaska Air Cargo from PDX.  

Kittens flying to a single destination will be sent together in one carrier — and buyers will need to bring carriers and pickup up kittens at the same time.  Shipping kittens together reduces panic and helps kittens adapt to their new homes more quickly.

Shipping Air Cargo $750: Flight Expense, health certificate, and related expenses.
Health Certificate $150: Required for kittens flying with their owner.

Heath Guarantee: Kittens receive a veterinary exam before leaving the cattery. All kittens are given at least one FVRCP & FelV vaccination, dewormer, and flea treatment if needed. Kittens flying to new homes will also have been vaccinated against Rabies.

Kittens are certified to be in good health upon pickup / arrival at their new home. Our cattery is FelV free, and most of our breeding cats are screened for HCM and PKD. We guarantee kittens for one year against genetic or congenital disease and FIP.

Pet kittens are required to be neutered/spayed by six months of age. We neuter most allergen tested male kittens prior to their leaving the cattery. Formal pedigree registration in TICA will be withheld until proof of altering is provided.

Returns / Refunds:   All Kittens may be returned within 15 days for a full refund of the purchase price.  Tested kittens are guaranteed not to cause reactions for 90 days. After 15 days, we may charge a $400 return fee and require a vet exam. Refunds do not include shipping or related charges.