Elsa’s Kittens: N-Litter 2018

Our Kittens page is kept updated on a regular basis. We are accepting reservations for kittens with normal allergen and with mild reductions in allergen levels (Normal, Medium, & Low allergen on our allergy chart. The average wait for families with mild (or no allergies) is 3-4 months.
For more information, or to request an application, email

We are not currently accepting reservations for very low allergen kittens. The wait time for families with severe cat allergies is 18-24 months. We have an open waitlist (no deposit required). Kittens are offered to families based on the allergen needs of the family, and the original date of application.

Families on our waitlist will be notified by Email when kittens are available.
Please add us to your contact list to make sure you receive our correspondence. To keep your reservation with us, you must reply to cattery emails.

Pickup and shipping: We are located 90 minutes south of PDX. Although we prefer kittens are picked up at the cattery, we will also ship by Air Cargo on non-stop flights from PDX. Kittens from the same litter that are traveling to the same airport may be shipped in a single large carrier to reduce travel stress.

Air Cargo and Flight Related Fees – price per kitten.
Air Cargo: $750 – $1000 Air cargo, flight certificate, rabies, carrier, courier fee *
Flight certificate: $150 Flight document & rabies vaccination for kittens flying in-cabin with owner *
Meet at PDX: $50-$250 Courier to PDX based on where the kittens were raised

* Air Cargo includes all fees required to ship your kitten.
* Buyers flying with their kitten will need to bring an under-the-seat cat carrier. Kittens will need a rabies vaccine. Some airlines may also require a State Health Certificate.

Allergies:  We primarily breed for low allergen, but offer both untested and allergen-tested kittens. Our untested litters are from higher-allergen queens, and usually reserved for families without cat allergies. Our tested kittens are placed with a full 90 day guarantee.

We specialize in high-risk placements, and where folks have reacted to Siberians from other catteries. Please read our page on Secondary Allergies if horse or rabbit allergies are present. Individuals with high-risk allergies (ER visits, hives, acute airway issues) may be asked to pick up their kitten in person at the cattery.

After reviewing your application for allergen severity and complexity, we may send fur samples from a low allergen cat for you to test with,. To remain on our wait list, families are expected to test with the fur samples and let us know if there were any concerns.

Prices: Our tested kittens sold based on their allergen level. Compare symptoms you would expect when holding (actively snuggling) with a normal-allergen cat to our Cat Allergen Chart©.

$2000 Normal    Normal (high) or untested kittens: not for homes with cat allergies
$2800 Medium Mild eye irritation, stuffy nose, scratchy throat, other mild symptoms
$3800 Low       Runny nose, eye irritation, coughing, few sneezes, light itching
$5000 Very Low   Light sneezing, severe runny nose, swollen eyes, mild rash, mild asthma
$6400 Ex. Low  ER visits, rashes, hives, facial swelling, asthma, short of breath

© Allergen Charts are copyright protected. 2015 by Meredith Lundberg, DBA KittenTesting & Lundberg Siberians. All rights reserved

Returns / Refunds:   All kittens may be returned within 15 days for a refund of the purchase price. Tested kittens are guaranteed and may be returned for 90 days from date of sale.
After 15 days, we charge a $400 return fee and might require a new vet flight exam.
Refunds exclude shipping, flight charges, and expenses incurred on buyer’s behalf.

Kitten Health: Kittens are veterinary-certified to be in good health before leaving the cattery. Our cattery is FelV free, and we screen for HCM whenever there is a known risk. We provide a 1-year guarantee against genetic or congenital disease, heart disease, and FIP.

Kittens receive a veterinary exam before leaving the cattery. All kittens are given an FVRCP vaccination, dewormer, and flea treatment if needed. Kittens flying air cargo must have rabies vaccination and a USDA flight certificate.

Pet kittens must be neutered/spayed by six months of age. We pre-neuter most (not all) allergen-tested male kittens. Pedigree registration in TICA is withheld until proof of altering.

© 2005 Cat Allergen Chart Copyrighted by Meredith Lundberg