Elsa’s Kittens: N-Litter 2018

We are a small cooperative of families raising kittens in our homes and underfoot.  We respond to email daily. Due to time constraints, we use only email for correspondence.

Our wait list averages 6-18 months depending on the allergy level of kitten requested.  We accept reservations on the West Coast only. We prefer kittens are picked up in person, but will ship on direct flights from PDX using Alaska Air Cargo.

Kittens are offered to families based on the order of the wait list. We do not require wait-list deposits. When kittens are available, we email families with reservations.  We require a reply to all emails regarding kitten availability. We ask that you review our cattery terms, wait list policies, and kitten warranties prior to completing an application.

Cattery Terms: Review review our policies prior to submitting an application.

Email: Our wait list is full as of Jan 2023. We are not accepting new reservations.

Kitten prices for 2023

Tested kittens are priced based on their individual allergen level.  Our untested litters are from normal allergen dams, and are reserved for families without cat allergies.  We specialize in high-risk allergies (anaphylaxis, hives, asthma), complex allergies, and where individuals have reacted to Siberians from other catteries.

Our Cat Allergen Chart © was created to help understand severity of cat allergies. Compare the worst symptoms you expect from snuggling with a normal-allergen cat.

  • $2000   Untested             Allergen levels will vary from low to normal.
  • $2000   Normal                Normal (high) allergen, not for homes with cat allergies
  • $2800   Medium Low      Mild eye irritation and stuffy nose from cat allergies 
  • $3800   Low allergen       Runny nose, severe eye irritation, coughing 
  • $5000   Very Low             Itchy skin, light sneezing, severe runny nose, asthma
  • $6400   Extra Low           Hives, swelling, sneezing, acute cat induced asthma 

© 2005 Cat Allergen Chart Copyrighted.  Meredith Lundberg,