Spreaking of prices: Jenika loved helping with paperwork, she loved spending time in my office and made a great file shredder.  

We know plans change… If you have a reservation but do not plan to purchase a kitten in 2020, please contact us to remove your name or change your reservation to inactive.  It allows other families additional time to make plans to welcome their new kitten.  

Kitten Reservations - Updated March 8, 2020

      #   Allergen   Gender Preference
CA   Kristin H.   1   Very Low   female Light color
OR   Ellen L.   2   Medium   ~ ~
CA   Alex W   1   Ex Low   ~ ~
CA   Said N.   1   Ex Low   female Not red
IL   Ryan G.   1   Normal   ~ Colorpoint
CA   Jennifer C.   1   Low / VL   ~ Not tabby
OR   Jenica N.   1   Normal   male Not tabby
OR   Sonia S.   1   Medium   male ~
OR   Upinder G   1   Normal   ~ ~
OR   Jen G   1   Low   male ~
CA   Sabaa T.   1   Ex low   ~ ~
CA   Judy L.   1-2   Low   Male Tabby / with white
CA   Kiran K   1   Ex low   female ~
OR   Dmitri M   2   Normal   Male Lynxpoint
WA   Jennifer B   1   Very Low   ~ ~
CA   Maggie S   1   Normal   male Tabby
CA   Alece G   1   Medium   Female Tabby
OR   Janis P   1   Very Low   Male Grey
CA   Jana B   1   Ex. Low   Female Black w/white
CA   Nina N   1   Low / Med   Female Lynx
OR   Leslie M   1   Normal   Female Lynxpoint
CA   Debbie W   2   Low   ~ Flexible
WA   Kelly H   1   Ex Low   Male Tabby, lynxpoint
CA   Ian R   1   Very Low   ~ Lynxpoint w/white
CA   Rajneesh D   1   Normal   Male Lynxpoint
WA   Krista J.   1   Normal   ~ ~
WA   Alena N.   1   Medium   Female Light color / red
CA   Emma M   1   Med / Normal   ~ ~
OR   Charlie H   2   Low / Med   ~ ~
OR   Brenda P   1   Med / Normal   Female White
OR   Nancy Z   1   Normal   ~ ~
OR   Nicole H   1   Very Low   ~ ~
NV   Patricia F   1   Low / Normal   Female Colorpoint
CA   Eleanor R   1   Very Low / Low   Female Light color
WA   Ryan J   1   Medium   ~ ~

Fur Samples / Allergy Discussions 

Sabaa T. ~ review allergy issues prior to purchase
Jana B.   ~ test with fur samples prior to purchase
Ian R.     ~ discuss fur samples and review allergies

Conditions of our Kitten Wait List.

We review our prices each calendar year. 

We do not require a deposit for Kitten Applications, but we ask the following courtesy. 
    please apply only to our cattery, and notify us promptly if you change your plans 

Applications will be removed from our wait list:
   after 12 months from the original date of application,
   for non-response to emails regarding kitten availabilit
   skipping 2 litters where kittens are available with the color requested
   skipping 2 litters when Ex Low / Very Low kittens were requested and 

For families with mutiple animal allergies only:
   If any 
family member is allergic to horses or rabbits, or has food allergies to egg or meat,
   even the lowest Fel d1 allergen Siberians may cause reactions. 
   ~ For multiple allergies, please submit a 
 Fur tests & Cattery Visit  form with your application.
   ~ If allergen 
visits are not scheduled within 90 days, Kitten applications may be placed on hold. 

Kitten Prices for 2020

Untested Siberian Kittens $1200

We sell some litters at 12 weeks without allergen testing.
e do not guarantee allergen placement of kittens from an untested litter. 
Our return policy is 3-days for any reason, though a return fee may apply.
We will not ship (air cargo) untested kittens to families with cat allergies.
We offer a single $300 discount when two kittens are purchased at the same time.

Kittens Tested for Feld1 Allergen Levels - (2019 Prices)

Price   Kitten Allergen Level                   Allergic Reaction by Severity ©

$1200   Normal                (3.5–16 mcg)           Not for homes with cat allergies.
$1800   Medium Low      (2.5–3.5 mcg)         Mild eye irritation and stuffy nose from cat allergies
$2800   Low                      (1.75–2.5 mcg)        Runny nose, severe eye irritation, coughing
$4000   Very Low            (1.0–1.75 mcg)         Itchy skin, light sneezing, severe runny nose,  mild asthma
$5200   Extremely Low  (0.5- 1.0 mcg)          Hives, swelling, sneezing, breathing difficulties, asthma

Individual tested kittens are priced by their tested allergen level.
Testing is the safest placement in families with moderate to severe cat allergies.
Snuggling with a kitten older than 12 weeks helps with allergen placement.
We offer a single $300 discount when two kittens are purchased at the same time.


© Chart of Allergy Levels & Reactions copyrighted in 2005 and 2015 by Meredith Lundberg, DBA Lundberg Siberians. 

Test Kits for measuring allergen production in kittens are  licensed to several other Siberian catteries.  Commercial use of allergen charts and related information is restricted to clients of KittenTesting.  For a current list of catteries allergen testing kittens, or for more information on testing, see

© Meredith Lundberg 2015