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Kitten Wait List - July 15th 2022

Our wait list averages 6 months for normal allergen kittens, and 12-18 months for the lowest allergen kittens. We are a small cooperative of families raising kittens underfoot in the home with love and attention.  Kittens raised one-litter at a time are more confident, gentler with children, and make nicer pets. Kittens may leave for new homes when they are 12 - 16 weeks old.

Due to time constraints, we limit phone calls to families with existing reservations.  We respond to email daily (though sometimes get behind).  Send us a reminder if you do not hear from us within a few days.  New applications are added to our online list when we update the website. 

We are not accepting new reservations at this time.  We will take reservations from families who have purchased a kitten in the past - please ask for a reservation form.  

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Our Kitten Application - link disabled. 


Notes for families with cat allergies

We license Fel d1 saliva test kits to other Siberian catteries in the US & Canada:  Kitten  

Buying an untested kitten:  Testing in-person with kittens 12 weeks or older is a good indicator of future allergic reactions. Even low allergen matings can produce normal allergen kittens, so obtain medical advice before exposing children with severe cat allergies to Siberians.  

 1.  Start with the kitten close to your face, (but not against the skin) and waft air from the kitten towards your face.  If there is any itchy nose eyes or throat, or odd “smell”, stop testing and gently rinse your face.  If the reaction subsides quickly, test with a different kitten. If the reaction persists, stop and wait for another day.

 2.  Next, briefly place face-in-fur with the kitten that caused the least reaction.  If there is no reaction, hold the kitten to the face for a minute, and then wait for 10-15 minutes.  Cat allergens build up in the home for six months, and reactions will get worse with time. Do not take home a kitten if there is any reaction.

We do not advise testing or purchase of kittens younger than 12 weeks.   Younger kittens do not produce stable amounts of allergen.  Kittens separated from their mother and littermates before 12 weeks can also develop unstable behaviors.


Application: Our Kitten Application is not a contract, but a request to be added to our wait list.  We do not require a deposits.  Kittens are offered to families based on the order of the wait list shown below. 

When kittens are available, we email families with current reservations.  Placements are based on position on the wait list.  We require a simple reply to all emails regarding current kitten availability. 

To avoid missing cattery correspondence, “Whitelist” both email addresses shown:

Shipping:  We are located near Salem Oregon. While we prefer kittens are picked up at our cattery, we also ship on the West Coast flights using Alaska Airlines from PDX.   Air Cargo fees have doubled in 2022.  Estimated cost for shipping, rabies and flight certificate, carrier and transport is $750. Kittens flying with their owners will be charged $150 for vet visit, flight certificate & rabies vaccine.

Preferences:    Kittens in the lowest two allergen ranges are reserved for families with high-risk allergies.  We allow two “skips” for color, gender, or personal reasons.  After that time, we drop or move reservations to the bottom of the waitlist.  We disregard color preferences in homes with severe allergies.

Returns:  Kittens may be returned within 15 days for a full refund.  Placement of tested kittens is guaranteed for 90 days.  After 15 days, we charge a $400 return fee and require a vet exam. Refunds do not include shipping fees.

Allergies:  After reviewing your application, we might call to discuss allergies. We are always willing to send fur samples.  If there are complex allergies (horse / rabbit), we ask that you read Secondary Allergies.  We may request individuals with severe allergies pick up their kitten in person.


Prices:  Kitten prices effective January 1st, 2022.

Tested kittens are priced based on their individual allergen level.  We test most low allergen matings, so our untested litters tend to be higher allergen and are reserved for families mild or no cat allergies.  

Our prices for the lowest allergen kittens may be higher than other catteries, though our guarantee is more gracious and simple. We work with families where high-risk allergies (anaphylaxis, hives, asthma) are problematic, and with individuals who have reacted to Siberians.  

Our Cat Allergen Chart © was created to help understand allergy severity.  Compare the levels below to the worst symptoms you expect from snuggling with a normal-allergen cat.

$2000   Untested             Allergen levels will vary from low to normal.
$2000   Normal                Normal (high) allergen, not for homes with cat allergies
$2800   Medium Low      M
ild eye irritation and stuffy nose from cat allergies 
$3800   Low allergen       Runny nose, severe eye irritation, coughing 
$5000   Very Low             Itchy skin, light sneezing, severe runny nose, asthma from cats
$6400   Extra Low           Hives, swelling, sneezing, acute cat induced asthma 

© 2005.  Cat Allergen Chart Copyrighted by Meredith Lundberg, DBA Lundberg Siberians /


Kitten Reservation List

Families may choose a kitten one level up or down from the level requested.  Very Low & Extra Low kittens are reserved for highly allergic families.  If high-risk allergies or reactions to horses / rabbits are present - and the family has not spent time with a Siberian, we require the allergic person be present at kitten pickup. 

Name # Allergen Level In person pickup
CA Veronica T 1 Ex Low Recommended
CA Franz V 1 Ex low Required
CA Elizabeth T 1 Very Low Not required
OR Tamara & Chris 1 Low Local
OR Bill & Renee 1 Ex Low Required
CA Ginel H 1 Low Not required
CA Sirin H 2 Very Low Not required
CA Laurel A 2 Low Not required
CA Nina T 1 Ex Low Recommended
WA Susie T 1 Very Low Local
CA Abi K 1 Low Not required
NY Jackson H 1 Low Not required
CA Brina S 1 Very Low Not required
CA Dania B 1 Very Low Required
OR Ellen L 1 Very Low Local
OR Kelly R 2 Low Local
CA Celine-Ellie 1 Low Not required
CA Meredith & Hugo 1 Low Not required
OR Jaime L 1 Ex low Required
WA Sena J 1 Very Low Required
CA Tam & Josh 1 Ex Low Required
WA Candace O 1 Low Local
OR Kelsey D 1 Medium Local
CA Jennifer W 1 Medium Not required
MA Mary T 1 Normal Discuss
OR Kara K 1 Medium Local
IA Joe V 1 Ex Low Required
WA Jensen T 1 Medium Local
CA Sophia B 1 Very Low Not required
OR Grace H 2 Normal Local
OR Bailey O 1 Ex Low Required
HI Jamie & Nancy 1 Medium Pickup
OR Rose J 1 Normal Local
CA Lindsay W 2 Normal Not required
CA Marty L 1 Normal Not required
WA Aneesa S 1 Ex Low Required
CA Kristin B 1 Normal Not required
WA Sofia D 1 Low Local
CA Ally R 1 Normal Not required
CA Karen G 1 Medium Not required
TX Steven L 1 Normal Local
OR Carrie D 1 Ex Low Required
OR Stephanie C 1 Normal Local
CA Andres Cediel 1 Ex Low Required
CA Sabrina T 1 Very low Not required
CA Sally K 2 Medium Not required
CA Navneet 1 Very Low Recommended
CA Katherine F 1 Very Low Recommended
OR Wendy B 1 Low Required
OH Kristin C 1 Medium Pickup
CA Jennifer L 1 Very Low Recommended
WA Ava N 2 Normal Local


© Meredith Lundberg 2015