photo courtesy of Sarah Starr Photography, Salem Oregon.

When kittens are available for adoption we post a notice here and send familes an email.  We allow 3 days from the date of availability for replies.  First selection is given to families with kitten reservations, and then kittens are available on a first-come basis.  Cattery policies are listed on our Reservations page which has a link to our Kitten Application.   Prices for kittens in the lowest allergen ranges will be increased August 1st.


Lundberg Oona x Angara Malusha. DOB 04/18/21

We have lab results from Oona’s kittens.

These kittens are available to familes with reservations for Very Low and Exceptionally Low kittens only.   This litter was raised in Portland by the Porter family, who will be keeping a kitten (either Ghost or Giselle).  Detailed descriptions of the individual kittens are listed with their 14 week photos below.  Lab results for Griffin were unstabile. Griffin will be sold when we have new test results. 

Ghost   - Porter Family
  Female - Blue Lynx Point
  Very Low allergen

Giselle  - Linda S.
   Female - Black Amber Classic Tabby
   Exceptionally Low allergen

Gaia  $5600
Female - Grey Mackerel Tabby (darker gray)
    Exceptionally Low allergen

Griffin - Not currently for sale
   Female - Grey Amber Mackerel Tabby 

G-Litter 090821


Angara Sonya x Angara Malusha.  DOB 05/25/21
This litter is being raised by Chris in Boring Oregon.  We will be test the allergen levels of this litter, and expect test results around Aug 27th - Sep 2nd. Kitten selection will begin at that time.

Hanya - Female Torbie Mackerel Tabby
Haliana - Female Seal Lynx Point
Havirlii - Male Seal Lynx Point
Hegorii - Male Seal Lynx Point
Harik - Male Black



SiberLove Swahili x Angara Malusha.  Kittens due 08/29/21

Swahili “aka Muffy” will have kittens late August.  Her litter is expected to be warm black or red tabby boys, and warm black or torbie girls.  Kittens will be sold un-tested, and are not expected to be low allergen.

Maplewoods Elsa x Angara Malusha   Kittens due 09/13/21

Elsa is due in September.  Kittens are expected to be a mix of tabbies and colorpoints, some with red.  We expect to test this litter for Fel d 1 allergen levels. 


2021 Fall Matings

~ Angara Cheri

~ Lundberg Oona 

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