Elsa’s Kittens 2016: Fotinia – Falassii – Filofei

F-Litter DOB 05/09/24
Angara Sonya x Ardent Snow Jem
These kittens will be allergen tested. We expect to have allergen results and begin kitten sales around August 10th. Host: Chris & Brian McClelland.

Forsythia – yellow collar
Female: Black Mackerel Tabby
Forsythia was our first born. This dolly is a cuddler. She was the first to climb in my lap and continues to follow me around the house, wanting attention and to be around me. She is very friendly and loves when people come to play with her. 

Flora – pink collar
Female: Black Amber Mackerel Tabby
Flora is a bit shy with all her four rough-and-tumble brothers.  She loves to play with the toys — especially when you are playing with her! She comes when you call and is a little snuggly ragdoll when you pick her up. 

Forest – Green collar
Male: Red Lynx Point “Flame Point”
Forest is our adventure boy. He is the biggest of the bunch and doesn’t hesitate to use that to his advantage; whether pinning the others to the floor or playing King of the Hill. He likes to be in my lap and loves head rubs. He is a little sweetheart.

Fennel – Blue collar
Male: Red Lynx Point “Flame Point”
Fennel is a chatterbox, mostly when it’s to tell us it’s dinner time! He has started to climb into my lap, much to my delight! He loves to play when kids come and toys are dangled in the mix. Fennel is a sweet boy and will likely be a lap cat!

Fir Baby – Orange collar
Male: Red Lynx Point “Flame Point”
Mr. Fir Baby is such a delight! Greets us at the door, climbs in our laps, purrs when we pet him. He loves when kids come to play and is right there first in line for play time. He is very curious, and the first to go see what is going on.

Freesia – Red Collar
Male: Seal Lynx Point
Freesia is a bit smaller, but that doesn’t stop him from playing full-tilt and attacking the other boys. He comes running to the words, “kitty come,” (dinner time). He loves head rubs and greets me, even if it’s just to raise his head and acknowledge me. What a sweetie!

G-Litter DOB 05/13/24
SiberLove Swahili “Crookshanks” x Angara Malusha
Hosted by the Vining Family. This litter will be sold untested, allergen levels unknown. Kittens may leave starting Aug 6-Aug 15. Reserve one of these treasures now.

Female Black Mackerel Tabby

Guava is a bundle of fun. She loves to explore and is quite the adorable adventurer. She often waits for her humans to pass by while sitting on the stairs and enjoys playing with them with her felt balls and turkey feathers. She has the most endearing personality and is a lovable snuggler.

Guacamole – AVAILABLE
Female Black Classic Tabby

Guacamole is a cute little girl who likes to cuddle and play. Her personality is sweet and gentle.  Her favorite toys are springs and strings. She loves to be nestled in a blanket on a lap or chest and is a fan of giving kisses! She’ll gladly watch a movie or read a book with her humans.

H-Litter DOB 05/25/24
Lundberg Oona x Angara Malusha
We will allergen testing this litter, and expect exceptionally low allergen. Kitten sales to start around September 10th. Host Family: Kieren Porter

Hermione – Female – Blue Classic Tabby w/White
Cute white boots and white swirls on both sides. Grey, but with the warm tones of Oona. Her eyes are beginning to change, and will be green or hazel. Smaller than her brother, but a nice healthy weight for a female Siberian. Adventurous, a climber, attentive/alert and the first to try new things.

Hermes – Male – Seal Lynx Point w/ white.
Full white boots that stand out from light white brown to white. Cuddly, BIG boy (his belly just stopped dragging once he learned to walk). Very calm, loves to cuddle, observant and playful. Oona supervised while the kittens explored the backyard patio.