Elsa’s Kittens 2016: Fotinia – Falassii – Filofei

Current litters are reserved for families with kitten reservations.
Our Kitten page is updated on a regular basis. When kittens are available, we notify families on our waitlist. Kitten adventures are posted on Facebook if we have extra time. All correspondence is handled by email.

U-Litter ~ DOB 12/30/22
Sarsibi Lapochka “Nora” x Simuran Kevin
Nora’s little ones are warm Traditional Tabby Siberians, and expected to be larger cats. We will be allergen testing this litter. Kittens raised by the Kennedy Family

Ulyana – Female Black Amber Classic Tabby
Umber – Female Black Amber Classic Tabby – (very warm tones)
Ulysses – Male Black Amber Classic Tabby (warm tones)
Uh-Oh – Male Black Amber Mackerel Tabby

V-Litter Due 02/15/23
Sullivan Sweet Sabrina x Simuran Kevin
Kittens to be raised by Cab Searcy
The V-Litter will be allergen tested
Sabrina’s kittens are expected to be Black Amber Mackerel Tabbies, some with white boots. We do not expect see colorpoints in this litter.

W-Litter Due 03/11/23
Lundberg Griffina x Simuran Kevin
Kittens to be raised by Meredith Lundberg
The W-Litter will be allergen tested
Griffina “Muffy” is a Blue Spotted Tabby. We expect traditional Black Amber Tabbies, with a variety of patterns (mackerel, classic, spotted). Most will be very warm tones.

Upcoming Matings

Angara Cheri x Angara Malusha
  Black Amber Classic Tabby w/White
Kitten to be raised by Matt Voedisch

Angara Sonya x Simuran Kevin
   Black Patched Tabby
Kittens to be raised by Chris McClelland

Lundberg Oona
Black Amber Classic Tabby
Kittens to be raised by Kieren Porter

SiberLove Swahili x Simuran Kevin
Black Amber Mackerel Torbie
Kittens to be raised by the Vining Family