photo courtesy of Sarah Starr Photography, Salem Oregon.

Maplewoods Elsa x Angara Pushkin. DOB 06/17/20

The kittens are 9 weeks old now, and lots of fun.  Some of their adventures are posted on Facebook

This litter will be raised by Sarah and her family in Salem Oregon.  We will be begin testing allergen levels of this litter when they are 12 weeks old.  These kittens will be placed with familes with Reservations.  

Yasmin - girl, the darker nose of the two colorpoint girls. 
Yarrow - boy, has a wide-eyed imp face.
Yeti - girl, colorpoint with a brown nose and dark patches on her hind paws.
Yuki - girl, has more white than Yv.
Yvginia - girl, (Yv, like Eve) has a triangle-white chin.


Skyeblue Hermione x Angara Pushkin - DOB 07/14/20
Hermione has three cute kittens.  There is a colorpoint, a black and white, and a tabby.  These kittens will be raised by Chris in Boring OR

Zakhar  - Tabby with white Boy

Zenevieva  - Colorpoint Girl

Zinerva  - Black & White Girl



Angara Cheri  x Angara Pushkin - DOB July 29th

Cheri has five cute little ones.  Kittens from this litter are expected to be very low allergen, and will be tested starting at 12 weeks of age.  This litter will be raised by Meredith in Stayton OR

Aleshko - Colorpoint boy

Arelia - Black Classic Tabby girl

Andelie - Black Mackerel Tabby girl

Akamir - Black Classic Tabby w/white boy

Anisia - Black Mackerel Tabby w/white girl



Angara Sonya x Angara Pushkin - Kitten around September 15th
~ Sonya will have mostly tabbies, some with white bib & boots. Her litter will be tested for allergen levels, and will be raised by Chris in Boring Oregon.  

Lundberg Oona x Angara Pushkin - Kittens expected around September 25rd.
~ Oona is a lovely warm tabby with white.  We expect warm mackerel tabbies from this litter, most with white bib & boots.  Kittens will be raised by Ruxy & her family in Portland.

Lundberg Tilly 
Tilly had another false pregnacy and will be bred to another stud in the coming weeks.  We have not decided if this litter will be sold tested or not.  Kitten will be raised by Becky & her kids in Portland OR.

Sibericat Lucille “MaLu”
Winter  breeding planned for MaLu. 

U© Meredith Lundberg 2015