Elsa’s Kittens 2016: Fotinia – Falassii – Filofei

The Z litter has been sold. We will be allergen-testing the A litter, and placing the kittens with wait list families based on the test results. We are accepting applications from families with mild or no cat allergies. Email

Angara Cheri x Simuran Star Kevin DOB 09/03/23

DOB 10/06/23 A-Litter
Lundberg Peony Natasha x Angara Malusha
Natasha had two boys and two girls. This litter will be allergen-tested. Raised in Damascus by the McClelland family. Six-week photos are below.

Ami – female Seal Lynx Point
Andrei – male Seal Lynx Point
Anastasia – female Seal Lynx Point
Alexi – male Seal Lynx Point

Est. DOB 12/08/23
SarSibi Lapochka “Nora” x Angara Malusha
Black Amber Classic Tabby
Kittens are expected to be black mackerel and classic tabbies.

Fall – Winter 2023 Planned Matings
Please remember, “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men

Lundberg Tchaikovskiya “Tchai”
Black Amber Mackerel Torbie

Lundberg Miss Umber “Sienna”
Black Amber Classic Tabby – “Dark Sunshine”

SiberLove Swahili “Crookshanks”
Black Amber Mackerel Torbie – “Dark Sunshine”