Fur Samples

Lundberg Durin 2021

Testing with samples of fur is a useful first step in reviewing allergic reactions. Folks with allergies to horses, rabbits, or gerbils, or with severe food allergies to eggs, pork, or beef, should always test with fur. Fur samples are an excellent starting point, but may not identify all reactions to secondary cat allergies.

We send fur samples from queens with Exceptionally Low allergen levels. These small samples of fur that can be held against the face work well. Anyone with severe reactions to fur samples from a tested very- or exceptionally-low-allergen Siberian should not purchase a cat.

Test in a room that is easy to clean up if you do have a reaction.
Do not place the fur on a couch or on your bed during testing.
If your allergies are severe, consult your doctor prior to testing with Siberian fur.
Keep your allergy medications on hand in case you do have a reaction.
Use chewable Children’s Benadryl if you have a severe reaction.
Current use of antihistamines or prednisone may mask reactions.

Place the fur on a piece of fabric or directly on your face.
Hold the fur against your face for several minutes.
Wait an hour between trials, or test on separate days.
Take notes regarding any possible allergic reactions:
* what were the reactions, and how severe?
* how long it was before you reacted – minutes / hours?
* were there differences between samples if we provided more than one?
Discard the fur when you are finished.

Cloth samples from cat bedding may have inconsistent allergens, or allergens from more than one Siberian. Fur from kittens is inconsistent until they are over 4 – 6 months old, and should not be used to determine reactions.

Allergen levels vary tremendously between Siberians. Allergen levels may rise during the rut season, pregnancy, or nursing. Testing with kittens may causes false reactions, as nursing kittens may trigger milk allergies. Young kittens play in the litterbox, and their fur becomes covered with dust and allergens.

REQUIRED DISCLAIMER: Feline allergens can cause serious or fatal reactions. This information is not a substitution for medical advice. We are required to recommend discussing your allergies with a doctor prior to fur testing, visiting a cattery, or purchasing a Siberian.