Ballana’s kittens: S-Litter 2014

We are accepting applications, and have kittens available for adoption. Email or see our “ KITTENS” page for details.

We have personally bred Siberians for twenty years, and raise kittens as a cooperative. Working with others allows us to share joys of breeding with other families. Raising one litter at a time gives each kitten the time, attention, and training they need to be treasured in their new homes.

Our kittens are confident, obedient to simple commands, and make wonderful pets. Crumpled pieces of paper and kitten toys are scattered around our floors. Before putting on our shoes, we check them for fuzzy mice and crinkle balls. As a breed, Siberians have great personalities and quiet voices.

Tom & Meredith Lundberg

Siberians are often called “Hypoallergenic,” but this is quite misleading.  About 15% of Siberians have very low Fel d 1 allergen levels – suitable for families with moderate to severe cat allergies. Our Allergy Chart © helps families understand the severity of their cat allergies. Compare the list to how you would react iwhen snuggling a normal cat. These reactions correspond to skin test allergy tests (welt/wheal 1-5)

Allergen          Allergic Reaction by Severity                  © 2005, © revised 2024
Untested  – Allergen levels vary from very low to normal.
Normal – Not for homes with cat allergies
Medium – Mild eye irritation, stuffy nose, scratchy throat, mild symptoms
Low – Runny nose, eye irritation, coughing, few sneezes, light itching
Very Low – Light sneezing, runny nose, swollen eyes, mild rash, mild asthma
Extra Low – ER visits, rashes, hives, facial swelling, asthma, short of breath

Our kittens are registered with The International Cat Association.
TICA membership #15762

We maintain two related websites.
Kitten Testing sells allergen kits to other Siberian breeders.  We have information on testing and a current list of breeders in the US & Canada licensed to use our charts and allergen test kittens.

Siberian Research was a non-profit created to study Siberian disease and allergen issues.  We maintain the website to increase awareness of health issues affecting Siberians, but have not updated health registries.

Tolya in fall leaves. This lovely red boy was our first Siberian.