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This lovely red boy joined us for a sunny afternoon of fall cleanup.  His leash is hidden among the Maple leaves, and does not show.  Birchgrove Tolya Taigovich was our first Siberian, and a wonderful cat.
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We are a small cooperative of Siberian hobby breeders. Our kittens are raised in the homes with of lots of daily attention, and they are exceptionally gentle with children.  Siberians tend to be larger cats with nice personalities, lovely voices, and great companions. They roam our house as members of the family. Crumpled pieces of paper and cat toys are often scattered around the floor. Before putting on shoes, it helps to check for fuzzy mice or other toys.

June 15 2020.

We have closed our kitten wait list, and are limiting new applications.  We ask that families we have placed a kitten in the past, or direct referrals from those familines send us an Email requesting an application.  Due to health concerns surrounding the Corona virus, we have suspended cattery visits except for kitten pickups.  

Meredith Lundberg

Allergy Issues

Many of our kittens live in homes with moderate to severe cat allergies.  The term "hypoallergenic cat" is often used to describe Siberians ~ though it is inaccurate and misleading.  A litter might have several low allergen kittens, with other kittens in the same litter having normal levels. 

Lundberg Siberians tested about 400 Siberians cats/kittens. Half of Siberians had Fel-d1 allergen levels lower than normal cats. Only 15% had very low Fel d1 allergen levels.

Over the the last decades we have standardised saliva testing in Siberians and developed a method to measure Fel-d1 allergen in kittens.  By testing entire litters of kittens, we can identify single kittens suitable for homes with severe cat allergies. See for information on testing. 

There are 13 cat allergens, and only Fel-d1 is reduced in Siberians. Folks who are allergic to horses, rabbits, or with food allergies to pork, beef, or egg are likely to react to a low Fel-d1 Siberian.  These reactions should be reviewed in detail prior to purchasing a Siberian.

Over the years, we have been interviewed several times.  Recently a nice article was published in Science News, discussing some of the current research in cat allergies.  

We maintain two other websites.

Kitten Testing sells allergen kits to several other Siberian breeders.  Information on testing and a list of breeders in the US & Canada that are currently licensed to test kittens is listed on the site.

Siberian Research was founded to study diseases and allergies in Siberians.  We maintain the site  to increase awareness of heatlh issues affecting the Siberian breed.

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