Periwinkle 091322


Lundberg Periwinkle 

Spayed Female - 3.5 lbs

Black Amber Spotted Tabby / Mitted

Periwinkle is our sweet gentle lap kitty who loves to snuggle with us or her "Auntie Cheri", who she has decided is her Mom. She is a "bomb proof” little girl, unafraid of noise and commotion. She is quiet and very amenable to most anything, snuggling with us or happy at play.  Periwinkle love new games with boxes, nylon kitty houses, packing paper, balls, and wand toys. We hide a wand toy under a blanket and pull it along, she is all excited to pounce on the “mouse.“  Such a sweetheart.

Periwinkle 091322
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