Lundberg Peony

Female - 3.75 lbs

Seal Lynx Point

Not For Sale - Peony will be kept in our breed program. 

Peony is our intrepid explorer who loves her ear petting and soft words. She is the queen of all fun and games. She uses gentle paws with lap games, attacking toys but gentle with hands.  She loves to snuggle with us or with Muffy. Peony is a big, powerful girl who loves her games.  She is very playful and personable.  She loves her petting when she’s tired, (but it takes a lot to tire her out).  She chases Periwinkle, Muffy, and Cheri around and up and down in the house.  

Breed Hold:  We have a hold on Peony for use in our breed program - if her allergen levels are low enough.

Peony 091322
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