Cyril Snowball - 14 wks

Cyril Snowball.   Allergen: Medium Low 

Blue Lynx Point Bicolor, Male

This is a nice big boy, weighing 5.25 lbs at 14 weeks.  His coat is soft and fluffy, and may tend to mat if not combed weekly each spring. Cyril is very playful, quite affectionate and very calm regardless of the world around. 

Cyril Snowball, the boy in this litter, is going to be a big purrbox.  My daughter calls him a "waterfall" because he'll melts in her arms. He is the biggest of the litter, and has a very light coat.  He is still mostly white but his tail and the back of his ears are greyish dark and he's developing a golden tint to his ears.He is chill, gentle and  talkative.  He loves to romp and stomp with his sisters and is is always ready to give a purr.  

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