Coco Jaya - 14 wks


Coco Jaya.  Normal Allergen

Black Amber Mackerel Tabby Bicolor, Girl

Coco Jaya is a nice size girl, currently 4.25 lbs.  She has a very long plush coat with striking markings.  Her undercoat is thick, so she might have some matting in the spring unless she has weekly grooming. Coco Jaya is very playful, sweet & affectionate - but like a cat - she has her own opinions.

Coco Jaya is playful and always ready to engage her siblings in a round of wrestling. She needs to explore things and will even take on the camera if it comes close enough! She gives kisses and loves to watch the commotion in our aquarium.  Coco Jaya is intelligent and curious; she's the one who slips out of the study when one of us leaves the room.  She watches with wise golden eyes....

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