Chai Lai - 14 wks

Chai-Lai.   Allergen: Very Low

Seal Lynx Classic Point Girl

Chai-Lai is a large girl, weighing 5 lbs at 15 weeks of age.  She has long soft coat that is very easy care.   She has dark paws, and a symmetrical tabby face.  

She is sweet and curious and loves to snuggle in between her sisters when they nap.  She loves to climb and play king-of-the-hill with her sisters and brother. We often find Cha-Lai surveying the "playing field" from atop the scratching post.  Chai Lai is a love.  When my husband sits on the couch, she likes to climb onto his shoulders and then around to say hi, and then back on his shoulders -- and then back down to sit and purr.

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