Cali Smaug - 14 wks

Cali Smaug.  Allergen: Very Low

Black Amber Mackerel Tabby with White, Girl

Cali has a nice solid weight, currently 4 lbs.  She has a long smooth coat with lots of guard hair, and will be very easy care.  She is very personable, cuddly and sweet.

Cali Smaug is a sweet girl who likes to both cuddle with us and explore.  Like her siblings, she's very playful.  She loves "fishing" and batting around little toys. Cali Smaug is a brave sweet girl. She is always curious and ready to go on an adventure, whether that means jumping the baby fence to explore the rest of the house or engage and make friends with our older cat. My son said Cali Smaug is kind and a fierce "dragon" when she plays.

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