Bronislav - 16 wks

Bronislaav - Allergen: Very Low 

Red Lynx Point, Male

Bronislav is a very very big boy, weighing 6 lbs at 16 weeks of age.  His long long plush coat will require routine grooming in spring. His paws, ears, nose and tail will be darker red with time.  He is playful, agile, curious and snuggly

Bronislav is a joyful little bundle of fur. He is soft to the touch and his red colors on this ears and tail and coming in nicely. He is curious, playful yet crashes at my feet or beside me in the chair when he gets tired. When we went to the vet, he and his siblings were very quiet, much to my surprise and delight! Right now he is sharing the sleep basket with our former stud, Buzz. All the kittens get along with other cats. He also has found his voice! He talks to me when I get up, no doubt to get his favorite treat, salmon greenies. When calling the kittens to come, they respond quickly when I shake the treat jar!

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