Breasha - 16 wks


Breasha - Allergen: Medium Low

Black Torbie, Female

Breasha will be a medium size girl, currently about 4.5 lbs.  She has a large fluffy coat, that should be easy care.  She is playful and active, purrs easily, but is somewhat shy around new situations and noises.  The red colors are just now beginning to show in her coat. 

You would never know that this girl is the fluffy one — her tail is going to be the biggest of all the kittens. Shy, yet curious, she is breaking out of her shyness and consents to being picked up now, purring in delight. In fact, all you have to do to get her to purr is act like you are going to pet her and she purrs! Of course, any work done on the floor invites her to come check it out and play with whatever you are trying to do. She is getting better at welcoming new people and warming up quicker. I see her becoming a wonderful lap cat to keep that special someone company.

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