Borya - 16 wks

Borya - Allergen: Medium Low

Male Seal Point w/white, Male. 

Borya will be a smaller boy, and is currently 4.25 lbs.  His coat is soft and silky, and should be very easy care.  His color may continue to darken over time. He is a gentle quiet kitten who loves to visit and sleep in laps. 

Don’t let Borya’s size fool you, this boy is a tiger! And a lover! He was and is still the first to climb in my lap and settle in for a long nap. Many evenings we have the two boys in my lap and chair and Breasha in my hubby’s lap. Borya loves to play and carry around his toys. We usually find toys in the food dish, left by Borya! His fur is soft and silky, medium length. We have come to call him Ewok as he reminds us of the Star Wars character. Just try to work on my iPad and over he comes to see what is going on. Oh, and he loves water! If there is a mess on the floor, you can be sure it is Borya playing in the water dish!

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