Kitten Reservations

Rebecca T    TX    ex. low

Rhea S.         CA    low

Melissa B      CO   very low

Cristin H       OR  ex. low

Jeremy G       WA  ex low - v low

Carleen C       WA  ex. low

Kim H.           OR very low - low

Alex S            AL  ex low - v. low

Clayton T       OR  med. low

Megan M       OR  low - v. low

Kristin J         OR  very low

Jennifer B.     WA  low (2)

Sheila K          FL   med 

Abby L            CA   low - v low

Candy T          OR  low - ex low

Abigail R        CA  low / Untested

photo courtesy of Sarah Starr Photography, Salem Oregon.


Lundberg Draginia "Ninja Foo” X Dawnsnow Barracuda 
Kittens are due around Feb 10th, and should be available in May.  This litter will be raised by Ruxy Lazarescu.  These kittens will be a mix of tabbies and colorpoint. Ninja Foo has exceptionally low allergen levels, and we expect low allergen kittens in this mating.

Skyeblue Hermione X Dawnsnow Barracuda 
Kittens are due around Feb 10th, and  available late May.   This litter will be raised by Chris McClelland, near Portland OR.  Kittens will be a mix.  Tabbies, solid and colorpoint are possible. We expect white boots & bibs on half the litter. 

Precious Paws Sophie X Dawnsnow Barracuda
Kittens are due Apr 6th.  Tabbies, solid and colorpoint are possible. We expect white boots & bibs on half the litter. 


Sibericat Lucille “Maple”
~ Black classic lynx point. 

Angara Sheri of Lundberg
~ Black classic tabby with white

Maplewoods Elsa
~ black tortiseshell (tortie)


Our kitten prices are similar to other Siberian breeders, and are listed below. Half of Siberians have Fel d1 allergen levels lower than normal cats.  Less than 15% of Siberians test in the lowest two allergen levels.  Fel d1 allergen begins to be noticable when kittens are 12 weeks old.



Snuggling with a kitten older than 12 of age is a good way to tell if you will react. 
~ We do NOT guarantee allergen placement of Untested Kitens.
~ Return policy is 3-days for any reason.  A $400 return fee may apply.
~ We will not ship untested kittens to families with cat allergies.
~ Untested kittens sold at Christmas may be priced at $1500.



Price   Kitten Allergen Level             Allergic Reaction by Severity ©

$4800  Extremely Low  (0.08–1.0 mcg)       Hives, swelling, sneezing, breathing difficulties, asthma          

$3800   Very Low   (1.0–1.75 mcg)                 Itchy skin, light sneezing, severe runny nose,  mild asthma      

$2800   Low   (1.75–2.5 mcg)                          Runny nose, severe eye irritation, coughing                                  

$1800   Medium Low   (2.5–3.5 mcg)           Mild eye irritation and stuffy nose from cat allergies                  

$1200   Normal   (3.5–16 mcg)                        Not for homes with cat allergies.

~ Testing is the only way to safely place kittens in homs with moderate to severe cat allergies.  
~ Medium & Normal allergen kittens will be discounted by $300 in Spring & Summer.
~ We may offer a $300 discount when a second kitten is purchased, feel free to ask.


© Allergy chart and allergen levels above were copyrighted in 2005 & 2015 by & Lundberg Siberians. Commercial use of the allergen chart above is restricted. See for more information.

aa.© Meredith Lundberg 2015