Elsa’s Kittens 2016: Fotinia – Falassii – Filofei

We update our Kittens page on a regular basis. Testing status and sale schedules will be listed on this page. Kitten adventures are also posted to our Facebook page. Click on individual kitten photos to load them in high resolution.

DOB: 07/01/23
Angara Sonya x Simuran Star Kevin
Saliva samples have been sent to the lab. Allergen results are expected around 10/04/23. The kittens are sweet and affectionate, all should be great with kids. All four boys have been neutered. Our greenhouse has few plants at the moment, but the kitties had fun playing hide and seek in and around the empty planters. Sonya’s litter is raised in Damascus by the McClelland family.

Yuri – Male Black Amber Mackerel Tabby
4.5 lbs This affectionate playful kitty is not afraid of much. He purrs when picked up, and likes new people. Yuri is a very large chunky boy, though his coat should be easy care.
Yanick – Male Red Classic Tabby
4.0 lbs Lots of energy and in the thick of things, Yanick is very playful and likes lots of attention. He should be great with kids. He will be large with a thick and full coat.
Yasha – Male Black Amber Mackerel Tabby (blue collar)
3.7 lbs Yasha is very gentle and sweet, though a bit shy in new situations. Before long he settles in to snuggle and play. He is smaller than the other boys, with an easy care coat.
Yakorsky – Male Red Mackerel Tabby
4.0 lbs This big kitty has a huge fluffy coat the color of ripe apricots. He is less outgoing than Yanick, but very very sweet. Yakorsky loves playtime, and new wand toys to chase.

DOB: 09/03/23
Angara Cheri x Simuran Star Kevin
Cheri has three tabbies. Kittens will be allergen tested and sold early December. At four weeks old, the kitties come to the edge of their playpen and cry to be picked up. They are quite content being scooped up and tucked inside a sweatshirt. Cheri’s little ones are with Meredith & Tom Lundberg in Stayton Oregon.

Zimber – Male Black Amber Classic Tabby /white
Zephyr – Male Black Classic Tabby /white
Zinnia – Male Black Amber Tabby (no white)

Est. Due Date 10/02/23
Lundberg Peony Natasha x Angara Malusha
Seal Lynx Point. Kittens from this litter will be colorpoint. Allergen levels are expected to be low, and the litter will be allergen-tested. Raised in Damascus by the McClelland family.

Summer through Fall 2023 Planned Matings
Please remember, “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men

SarSibi Lapochka “Nora” x Angara Malusha
Black Amber Classic Tabby

Lundberg Tchaikovskiya “Tchai” x Simuran Star Kevin
Black Amber Torbie

Lundberg Miss Umber “Sienna” x Angara Malusha
Black Golden Classic Tabby