Elsa’s Kittens 2016: Fotinia – Falassii – Filofei

We would like to thank Sullivan Siberians for the loan of their stud Ardent Snow Jem. He is a Blue Lynx Point from Ukraine with a wonderful personality and dense coat. Jem sired four of our spring litters.

We allergen test most of our litters. Kittens in our current litters with very low allergen levels (ideal for homes with severe cat allergies) will be reserved for families with existing reservations.

We are accepting kitten applications from families with mild or no cat allergies.
Sienna’s & Swahili’s spring kittens will be sold untested, with sales starting at 8 weeks. Allergen levels in these two litters will vary from very low to normal, suitable for mild allergies. Email to reserve a kitten from the D-Litter or G-Litters.

C-Litter DOB: March 12th.
Lundberg Tchaikovskaya “Tchai” x Ardent Snow Jem
Zoom!  The C kittens love to play chase, the (tiny) thundering of their paws on the hardwood floor making us smile every time.  Baskets are also good — and laps.  Eight and a half weeks old, they’re curious and playful and sweet. They have mock battles, tussling fiercely.  They’re still learning to play nicely with people — no claws and no chomping!  Sometimes I’ll accidentally leave out a feather toy and one will find it and then growl fiercely to make sure that all his siblings know that HE has it!  “Pay attention, pay attention!  I have a feather!  You can’t have it! It’s mine!”  The colorpoints’ appearances are becoming more discrete:  Coriander is showing distinct body stripes, for example.  Host: Starr Family

Cardamom – Male Black Solid
Coriander – Male Seal Lynx Point
Cinnamon – Male Red Point (Flamepoint – ears & paws will be bright red)
Cayenne – Female Blue Lynx Point (Perhaps Blue Torbie Point)
Clove – Female Seal Lynx Point

D-Litter DOB: March 31st
Lundberg Miss Umber “Sienna” x Ardent Snow Jem

Sienna has five Black Mackerel tabbies with striking faces – a cute bunch. The little ones are six weeks old (May 10th). They have just started playing with toys, chewing on everything, and racing around. They climb up in our laps for little games, or a nap inside an overshirt. Very cute & sweet. This litter is being raised by Tom & Meredith Lundberg, in Stayton Oregon

Kittens will be a mix of low to normal allergen – but will be sold untested (no allergen guarantee). Sales will start May 30th after vet exams. The kittens may leave for new homes at 11 weeks. There is a breed reserve for a boy, and we will hold Daphne for breeding.

Email us if you are interested in a kitten from this litter,

Daphne – female Black Mackerel Tabby – (large girl, Dark Sunshine )
Daffodil – female Black Mackerel Tabby – (smaller kitten, darker coat)
Desert Rose – female Black Mackerel Tabby – (smaller kitten, darker coat)
Dogwood – male Black Mackerel Tabby – (large boy, cooler tabby tones)
Dandelion – male Black Mackerel Tabby – (large boy, Dark Sunshine).

E-Litter DOB: 04/04/24
Angara Cheri x Ardent Snow Jem
Kittens will be tested, and are expected to be very low allergen. This is Cheri’s last litter (she is 7 now) and she will become our family pet. Her kittens are being raised by a close friend in Vancouver BC. Host Family: Cailin

Edwin – Male Seal Lynx Point w/white
Echo – Male Seal Lynx Point w/white
Esher – Male Black solid
Ernest – Male Black Mackerel Tabby
Evee – Female Black Mackerel Tabby

Left to Right: Evee, Echo, Esher, Edwin, Ernest

F-Litter DOB 05/09/24
Angara Sonya x Ardent Snow Jem
Sonya has six kittens – a solid black girl, a black tabby girl, and four colorpoints. This is a nice colorful litter. It’s possible one of the color points will be a red point. Kittens are expected to be lower allergen, and will be tested. Host: Chris & Brian McClelland.

G-Litter DOB 05/13/24
SiberLove Swahili “Crookshanks” x Angara Malusha
This litter will be sold untested at 12 weeks old, as Crookshanks is normal allergen. Both kittens are expected to be Dark Sunshine, not as light as the mom,. The light golden tones will begin to show by 4 weeks, and then continue to lighten over several years.
Host. Vining Family

H-Litter Est. DOB 05/30/24
Lundberg Oona x Angara Malusha
Oona’s kittens will be black tabbies, colorpoints, and solids, some with white boots. Expect some warm tabbies. We will be allergen testing this litter, and expect some exceptionally low allergen kittens. Ultrasound shows two kittens. Host Family: Kieren Porter

Mating plans for spring 2024
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