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Breeder Reserve
Ex. Low Female from Cheri

Tested Low Allergen Kittens

Carleen C     WA      (2) ex. low
Megan M     OR        low - v. low
Jennifer B.  WA       low
Abigail R      CA        low        (fall)

James M      CA        low 
Kathi D        CA        low
Erica W        CA       v. low - ex low
Adam N        IL      (2)  low - v. Low

Iman A         FL        low - ex low
Suzy A          CA       medium
Cheri S         WA     low (spring '19)
Anna D         OR     low

Nichole C      OR      v.low - low
Deborah F    OR      low (Breed F)
Alex M           CA      (2) v low - low
Asaaluk I       AK      low
Stephanie C   OR     low

Amber C         OR     low / med

Normal & Untested Kittens

Lena B            CA
Brooke L        WA
Diane W         NJ  
Jan D              OR 


photo courtesy of Sarah Starr Photography, Salem Oregon.

Maplewoods Elsa
Kittens Born 07/21/18    “N Litter 

We will begin testing October 13th. We expect results from the lab by October 25th.  Kitten selection / placement on the 25th - 30th Sarah Starr took a nice set of photos of the kittens playing with paper.  They had a wonderful time racing and sliding on the floor.

The kittens are at the age where we say, "we're keeping ALL of you!"  They are all such lovely personable kittens who love being held and played with.  It is difficult to choose a favorite one, yet they each have a distinctive personality. Every one of them is absolutely precious and heart warming for any family.

Neilan   ~ Black Mackerel Tabby Boy
~  Red Mackerel Tabby Boy
Nainsi    ~ Black Tortie Point Girl  (solid w/ dark nose & ears)
Nara      ~  Black Torbie Point Girl (tabby w/ light nose & ears)

Kitten adventures are also posted on Facebook 


Angara Cheri of Lundberg 
Kittens Born 07/27/18.     “O Litter

Cheri’s babies are busy playing with each other, rolling on their backs and gently batting at each other. They have mastered walking without toppling over and are clearly thinking about what the world outside the box is like. It won’t be long before they will be jumping up and climbing over the sides of the box. Very sweet.  (Oscar has begun to cause allergies early.  He has been sold)

Oona - Female Black Mackerel w/white
Odhran - Male Black (solid)
O’Connell - Male Black Mackerel Tabby
Oengus - Male Black Classic Tabby (pronounced Angus)
Oliver - Male Black Classic Tabby w/white

Oscar - Male Black with white solid (normal allergen - Pre-Sold to Kelly H.)


Kittens available in Winter

Skyeblue Hermione ~Kittens 10/01/18
Hermione had four black tabbies, one with white boots.

Petrov - male black tabby with white

Panya - male bigger gray tabby 

Palasha - female small gray tabby

Polina - female black tabby


Sibericat Lucille “Maple”~ Mating 09.10.18      Due Nov 16th.
We expect a mix of colorpoint and tabby kittens.


Untested Siberian Kittens $1200

When we do not test a litter for allergen levels, we sell them as  untested.
We do not guarantee allergen placement of kittens from untested litters.
Our return policy is 3-days for any reason, a return fee may apply.
We do not ship untested kittens to families with known cat allergies.
Snuggling with a kitten older than 12 weeks is one way to check reactions. 

Kittens Tested for Feld1 Allergen Levels - (prices through 2017)
 (individual kittens are priced by tested allergen level)

Price   Kitten Allergen Level                   Allergic Reaction by Severity ©

$4800  Extremely Low  (0.08–1.0 mcg)       Hives, swelling, sneezing, breathing difficulties, asthma 
$3800   Very Low   (1.0–1.75 mcg)                 Itchy skin, light sneezing, severe runny nose,  mild asthma
$2800   Low   (1.75–2.5 mcg)                          Runny nose, severe eye irritation, coughing
$1800   Medium Low   (2.5–3.5 mcg)           Mild eye irritation and stuffy nose from cat allergies
$1200   Normal   (3.5–16 mcg)                        Not for homes with cat allergies.

Our prices for tested kittens are similar to the few other Siberian breeders who offer testing. 
Testing is the only way to safely place kittens in homs with moderate to severe cat allergies.  
We offer a single $300 discount when two regular priced kittens are purchased together.


© Chart of Allergy levels and Reactions copyrighted in 2005 and in 2015 by & by Lundberg Siberians. Commercial use of the allergen chart above is fully restricted. See for more information.

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