Kitten Reservations

Wait List - 11/01/19

Breed Hold - Hermione Kitten 

Abigail R      KY       low
Kathi D         CA      low
Adam N        IL       (2)  v low
Iman A           FL     ex low

Brooke L        WA    normal
Deborah F     OR     Low
Asaaluk I       AK      low / untested
Janet D           OR     normal

Richard D       CA    low - med
Ben D.             NY    (2) v low - med
Patty B            CO     low - normal
Carleen C        WA   ex. low

Jillian H          CA    low
Theresa J        PA    normal
Kathy P           OR   normal 
Lynne R          CA    normal
Twyla M          CA    med / normal

James M        CA   v. low 
Ginny C.         NY   medium
Jennifer B      CA   v. low
Jessica D        OR   low

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photo courtesy of Sarah Starr Photography, Salem Oregon.

Kittens available early in 2019

Skyeblue Hermione ~Kittens Born 10/01/18.
Hermione has four cute kittens.  She is a wonderful mom, and keeps a close eye on their activities.  At 8 weeks old, they have begun to roam the house - but not get into trouble yet =^..^=

At this time, we expect to test the allergen levels of this litter. In the past, this mating has produced some very low allergen kittens. This litter will be tested in early January, and placed by Jan 15th.

Petrov - male black tabby with white boots
Palasha - male bigger gray tabby
Panya -  female gray tabby
Polina - female black tabby


Sibericat Lucille “Maria Louise" ~ Born 11/16/18

"Ma Lu" is happily nursing five little kittens, all black tabbies.  She comes and meows, asking me and the kids to come and see.  New mom’s don’t do much besides nurse and purr constantly, which keeps the kittens content.  This litter is being raised by Becky Lundberg and her children. MaLu loves attention, and her kittens are remarkable with children.

MaLu has normal levels of Fel d1 allergen.  Her kittens will be a mix of normal-low, and will not be tested. This litter will be sold around 12 weeks of age and will be available February 8th - 16th.



Untested Siberian Kittens $1200
When we do not test a litter for allergen levels, we sell them as  untested.
Our prices for untested kittens are quite similar to other breeders. 
We do not guarantee allergen placement of kittens from untested litters.
Our return policy is 3-days for any reason, a return fee may apply.
We do not ship untested kittens to families with known cat allergies.
Snuggling with a kitten older than 12 weeks is one way to check reactions. 

Kittens Tested for Feld1 Allergen Levels - (prices through December 2017)
Individual tested kittens are priced by their tested allergen level. If our prices increase,
the price that was in effect when your application was submitted will be honored. 
Our prices for tested kittens are similar to the few other Siberian breeders who offer testing. 
Testing is the only way to safely place kittens in homs with moderate to severe cat allergies.  
We offer a single $300 discount when two regular priced kittens are purchased together.

Price   Kitten Allergen Level                   Allergic Reaction by Severity ©

$1200   Normal   (3.5–16 mcg)                        Not for homes with cat allergies.
$1800   Medium Low   (2.5–3.5 mcg)           Mild eye irritation and stuffy nose from cat allergies
$2800   Low   (1.75–2.5 mcg)                          Runny nose, severe eye irritation, coughing
$3800   Very Low   (1.0–1.75 mcg)                 Itchy skin, light sneezing, severe runny nose,  mild asthma
$4800  Extremely Low  (0.08–1.0 mcg)       Hives, swelling, sneezing, breathing difficulties, asthma 

Conditions of our Kitten Wait List.

We do not require a deposit for families submit a Kitten Application, but we do request that folks apply to one cattery only.  To be fair to all families, please notify us if you purchase a kitten elsewhere or if your plans change.  We update the wait list on a regular basis.  Applications are removed after the following:  12 months from application date, skipping three litters with acceptable allergen level, and non response to any email from us.


© Chart of Allergy Levels &  Reactions copyrighted in 2005 and in 2015 by Lundberg Siberians. Commercial use of these allergen charts are restricted to current clients of   Test Kits for measuring allergen production in kittens were produced and licensed to several catteries on a limited basis starting in 2010.   See  for more information and a list of catteries that test kittens.

`aa.© Meredith Lundberg 2015