photo courtesy of Sarah Starr Photography, Salem Oregon.

Sibericat Lucille “MaLu” x Angara Pushkin. DOB 03/03/20

Wisteria - girl with white 
Wanderer - boy with dark paws 
Wotan - boy with white paws
Wolf - girl with white paws.
Whimsy - girl with white paws

This litter will be a mix of low and normal allergen kittens, and will be sold untested at 12 week of age (around May 25th).  This litter will be available to families requesting kittens with “Untested”,  “Normal" or “Medium” allergen levels only.  MaLu’s litter will be raised by Sarah and her family.  Sarah is a photographer, and is posting frequent photos and kitten adventures on our Facebook page.

03/24/20. MaLu’s Kittens at 3 weeks of age 

The kittens are learning to focus their eyes, and still walk a little unsteadily,  (we call them “Low Riders”).  It won’t be long before they are playing Tumble Bumble at full tilt.  What a cute bunch.

20200402- SSP4989-2-Edit

Angara Sonya
~ Kittens expected April 27th.   Sonya will have a mix of black mackerel tabbies and lynx points. Some of the kittens could have a white bib & boots.  We expect to test the allergen levels in this litter.  Kittens will be raised by Chris in Boring OR.

Lundberg Tilly
~ Kittens expected Mid June.  Tilly might have a mix of black tabbies and lynx point, some with white bib & boots. Kitten will be raised by Becky in Portland OR.

Lundberg Oona
~ At this time, it looks like Oona had a false pregnancy (which can occur in young queens).  She will be bred again at a later date.

Spring & Summer Matings

Angara Cheri
Spring breeding planned 
Kittens will be raised by Meredith
Stayton OR

Skyeblue Hermione
Summer breeding planned
Kittens will be raised by Chris
Boring OR

Maplewoods Elsa
Summer breeding planned 
Kittens will be raised by Meredith
Stayton OR


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