photo courtesy of Sarah Starr Photography, Salem Oregon.

JULY 15th, 2019

R-Litter:   SOLD 

S-Litter:    Lab Results are back for the S-Litter.  

T-Litter:    Visits for the T-Litter will be arranged in the coming weeks.

Our Kitten Application can be submitted by email or post. 

Maplewoods Elsa x Dawnsnow Barracuda.  ~ DOB 04/11/19

Ryska ~ Black Spotted Classic Torbie Female - Reserved by Janet D. 
Ripsimia ~ Black Sealpoint Female.  - Reserved by Krysta H. 
 ~ Black Mackerel Tabby Male - Reserved by Krysta H
 ~ Black Mackerel Torbie Female - Reserved by Sally B.

Lab results for the R-Litter

Skyeblue Hermione x Dawnsnow Barracuda ~ DOB 04/12/19.

Stepan ~ Female Black Mackerel Tabby 
Allergen levels Medium Low

Svetlana ~ Male Grey Mackerel Tabby w/white boots
Allergen levels Medium Low.

 Sasha ~ Female Black Mackerel Torbie Female
Allergen levels Low.  (
Sasha has considerably lower allergen levels than the other two kittens). 

Allergen Results for the S-Litter

Sibericat Lucille   x Dawnsnow Barracuda - DOB 06/04/19

MaLu has six kittens that will be raised by Becky in Portland Oregon. 

The little ones are almost four weeks, and growing like crazy!  Their love people, and climbing around on Mom is great fun. MaLu’s kittens will be sold untested.  Kitten selection from this litter will begin August 10th. MaLu’s kittens may leave for new homes starting the weekend of August 31st.  

Tapioca  - Male Colorpoint
Taiga     - Male Classic Tabby
Tilly        - Female Warm Mackerel Tabby
Trillium  - Female Colorpoint
Topaz.     - Male Black Solid
Toto          - Male Black Mackerel Tabby

Angara Cheri  x Dawnsnow Barracuda - DOB 06/18/19

Cheri has five kittens. They will be raised by Meredith, in Stayton OR

Uneslav - Male Bicolor (black & white)
Ulysses - Male Bicolor (black & white) white eyeliner 
Ulster - Male Black Classic w/white
Urimka - Male Black Mackerel w/white
Ulianitsa - Female Black Mackerel Tabby

Lundberg Oona
Summer breeding for Oona.
Kittens will be raised by Lin
Vancouver BC

Maplewoods Elsa
Fall breeding for Elsa
Kittens will be raised by Meredith
Stayton OR

Angara Sonya
Fall breeding for Sonya
Kittens will be raised by Chris,
Boring OR


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