photo courtesy of Sarah Starr Photography, Salem Oregon.

Angara Cheri  x Dawnsnow Barracuda - DOB 06/18/19

This litter will be raised by Meredith Lundberg, Stayton OR.  

We will begin allergy tested September 10th - 17th.  Allergen results are expected around Sept 20-24th.

All of the kittens are easy personable pets who will bring joy to their new families. They have learned to use soft paws when playing with lap toys. They are allowed to use their claws with a toy but not with hands. They all follow me underfoot for treats when I am carrying a plate of slide ‘n serve fish pate. It is difficult to avoid stepping on them so I am attempting to teach them to run ahead of me. “Good luck with that!” Honestly they learn quickly!

Uneslav ~ Male Bicolor (black & white)
Ulysses ~ Male Black Classic w/white  (white eyeliner) 
Ulster ~  Male Black Classic w/white.   (blue collar)
Urimka ~  Male Black Mackerel w/white
Ulianitsa ~ Female Black Mackerel Tabby

Kitten Photos updated 08/31/19
Descriptions attached to kitten photos.
courtesy of Sarah Starr Photography 

Skyeblue Hermione
Bred 08/07/19
Kittens will be raised by Chris
Damascus OR

Lundberg Oona
Summer breeding for Oona.
Kittens will be raised by Lin
Vancouver BC

Sibericat Lucille “MaLu”
Fall breeding planned for MaLu
Kittens will be raised by Sarah
Salem, OR 

Maplewoods Elsa
Late fall breeding planned for Elsa
Kittens will be raised by Meredith
Stayton OR

Angara Sonya
Winter breeding planned for Sonya
Kittens will be raised by Chris, 
Boring OR


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