photo courtesy of Sarah Starr Photography, Salem Oregon.

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Lundberg Panya

Female Grey Mackerel Tabby

DOB 10/01/18

Reserved for Cristine


Sibericat Lucille “Maria Louise" ~ Born 11/16/18

The kittens from this litter are reserved, and will be sold untested.

Such an easy litter! They litter trained in a heart beat, are eating solid food mixed with wet food, drinking water and still nursing.  They all enjoy being held and look up and come running when people come over. They get handled every day by kids and adults both, and are gentle and easy going. We’ve built them cardboard ramps and tunnels and they are enjoy new challenges and kitty-enrichment opportunities!  This litter is being raised by Becky Lundberg and her kids near Portland.  Kittens will be 12 weeks

Quadira - female solid black                              - Reserved for Assuluk.   payment due
Quetzal - male warm black classic tabby        - Reserved for Lynne        (deposit received)
Quixote - male warm black mackerel tabby   - Reserved for Jamie.       (deposit received)
Quarter: male black mackerel tabby               - Reserved for Julia           (deposit received)
Qi - male black mackerel tabby                          - Reserved for Stacey        (deposit received)

Breeding Plans - 2019

Maplewoods Elsa and Angara Cheri will be bred this coming month, when they next come into heat.  We expect to have kittens availble in late spring / early summer of 2019.

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