Lundberg Siberians


Birchgrove Tolya Taigovich,  Our first Siberian.

We are a hobby breeder of Siberians, with several females and several litters each year. Our kittens are raised in the house with lots of daily attention, and are exceptionally gentle with children.  Siberians tend to be large cats with nice personalities, lovely voices, and make wonderful companions.

We enjoy the outdoors, including walking, hiking and gardening. Heirloom vegetables from around the world fill our summer gardens, our favorites being melons, peppers, and tomatoes.  In the rainy Oregon winter, we retreat indoors.

Siberians roam the house as members of the family. Crumpled pieces of paper and cat toys are often scattered around the floor. Before putting on shoes, it helps to check them for fuzzy mice and other toys. 

Many of our kittens live in homes with moderate to severe allergies.  The term "hypoallergenic cat" is often used to describe Siberians.  Large scale testing (over 400 Siberians cats/kittens were studied by Siberian Research, Inc) showed roughly half of Siberians have reduced levels of Fel d1 allergen, and only 15% had very low levels. If you are considering a Siberian because of allergens, please read our discussions on Allergies.

Families with a history of horse/rabbit reactions or egg allergies should be careful about bringing a cat into the home.These are the result of secondary reactions to cats, and again, are explained in detail in our Allergies page. About 80% of individuals with horse/rabbit or egg/meat allergies will show some reaction to low-Fel d1 Siberians, though not all will be severe.

Over the past ten years we standardised saliva testing for adult Siberians and developed methods to measure Fel d1 allergen in kittens.  We test some, but not all of our litters.  For more information, see

Meredith Lundberg

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