Lundberg Siberians

This lovely red boy joined us for an afternoon raking leaves.  His leash is hidden among the Maple leaves, and does not show.  Birchgrove Tolya Taigovich was our first Siberian.  Photo: Meredith Lundberg

We are a small cooperative of Siberian hobby breeders, with several females. Our kittens are raised in the house with lots of daily attention, and are exceptionally gentle with children.

 Siberians tend to be large cats with nice personalities, lovely voices, and make wonderful companions. They roam the house as members of the family. Crumpled pieces of paper and cat toys are often scattered around the floor. Before putting on shoes, it helps to check them for fuzzy mice and other toys. 

Calls and visits from families with active reservations are encouraged, especially when we have kittens to hold.  If you would like more information, or would like to request a reservation, please let us know.

Allergy Issues

Many of our kittens live in homes with moderate to severe allergies.  The term "hypoallergenic cat" is often used to describe Siberians ~ though somewhat inaccurate.

Over the the last decade, we standardised saliva testing in Siberians and developed a methods to measure Fel-d1 allergen in kittens.  A litter might have 1-2 low allergen kittens, with others medium to high.  Testing identifies kittens suitable for homes with severe allergies.  Lundberg Siberians & Siberian Research tested over 400 Siberians cats/kittens. Half had reduced levels of Fel-d1 allergen, and only 15% had very low levels.

The average wait for a kitten in the lowest ranges is 6-12 months.    Kittens with the lowest two allergen levels, (Extremely Low / Very Low) are suitable for people with the most severe reactions. Folks with less severe cat allergies do fine with higher allergen levels.  
See for detailed in test information.

We prefer Email correspondence, and respond promptly.

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